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When individuals grow, the group grows.

We want to inspire people and encourage them to express their talents so as to achieve success. We invest in knowledge refreshment, and support a contemporary management approach and widespread diffusion of digital culture. Interpersonal relationships are based on tolerance, openness, trust and fairness. Our aim is to be increasingly international and to break down the gender divide. We look to the future and imagine what could still be needed.

The well-being of all our employees is paramount


Alongside commitment and expertise, individual perspectives are key. Our work environment is collaborative and informal, while activities and events foster knowledge and a sense of belonging. The Thun Life Quality project promotes well-being and health in the workplace.

Discover a career path that’s tailor-made for you

The first stage consists of screening CVs to assess whether they fit the required profile. Suitable applicants undergo individual interviews and assessment tests to gauge their motivation.

For new hires, Lenet provides a planned and structured induction process with the support of an internal tutor and mentor and training sessions, as well as organisational support from the Human Resources team.

The main objective of the HR department is to actively contribute to the well-being of our Group's employees.

Bring us your talent and grow with us.

As part of our young talent pathways, we offer student programmes with workshops, forums, courses and training sessions.

They provide targeted learning, from engineering to sales, digital marketing, product development, retail management and omnichannel strategies.


If you’re interested in our programmes, please contact:

Explore new opportunities: the future is here

We are a highly determined, enthusiastic, committed, driven and innovative team.

In order to build valuable career paths, we need your energy, passion and skills. Come and join us!