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A garden blooms

Lene Thun Onlus Foundation

The collective work "A garden blooms", created by the children and young people during the permanent ceramic-therapy workshops at the Bolzano and Merano Hospitals, was inaugurated at the Bolzano Hospital.

The garden also symbolizes the path of care and growth of the children, who, little by little, have cultivated it and have taken care of it, seeing it bloom, just as happens with dreams and desires.
Unveiling this beautiful collective work created by the hands of children and young people makes us proud and full of joy. All together have embarked on a journey of growth and enhancement of their skills, expressing their creativity and tenacity during the workshops and making it converge into one big common project.

The work will be exhibited permanently in the lobby of the St. Maurice Hospital in Bolzano where it can be admired by all.

A heartfelt thank you to the children and their families, to the medical staff, to the ceramists, to the volunteers, to the Hospitals of Bolzano and Merano for having welcomed our ceramic-therapy service for the past 6 years, to the Mayor of Bolzano Renzo Caramaschi, to Dr. Umberto Tait, to Dr. Roberta Agosti and to all those who help us every day to show the dreams of our children.